Saturday, October 29, 2011

NUTCRACKER Costume Fittings and Rehearsal, Saturday, November 5th

Please be aware it will be a LONG day of classes, fittings, and rehearsals. All children/youth should have food to snack on and a quiet activity for in between fittings and rehearsal.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rehearsal Schedule for Saturday, October 29th

Sorry about the delay.  The schedule has been posted at the studio both inside on the SOBT board and on the glass by the pick up area.  Here it is for your home viewing!  See you on Saturday :-)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Angels and Party Girl Reminders for Saturday, Oct. 22

Angels:  Remember to bring your homework tomorrow!

Party Girls:  Please remember to bring a stuffed animal or doll to rehearsal tomorrow, and plan to either leave it at OBT for future party scene rehearsals or keep it in your dance bag.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Parking on Saturday, October 22nd!

This Saturday John from Resources NW will be power washing the building. The machine will have to move from parking place to parking place next to the building so please do not park next the building during the day on Saturday.  Park on the Morrison street side of the lot or on the street.

Thank you

No Chinese Tea Next Week - Monday - Friday

As studio space is limited there will be no Chinese Tea rehearsal during the week.  Please stay tuned for the following week's rehearsal schedule.

Prince and Marie Rehearsal - Monday, October 24 from 4-5pm

There will be a rehearsal for the Prince and Marie on Monday, October 24th from 4:00-5:00 pm.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Revision for October 22 NUT Rehearsal-Marie ONLY

Changes for Marie ONLY!

2:15-3:00 Marie will rehearse in Studio 2 and not with the Battle Scene in Studio 1.

3:15-5:15 - Party Scene (has not changed)

Marie will NOT rehearse from 5:15-5:45, but WILL rehearse with the Prince from 5:45-6:30.  Please note the later pick up time.

We try to get the schedule out as early as possible, however we then need to make revisions in order to get the most out of each rehearsal!  Thank you for your understanding.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

UPDATED NUT Rehearsal for OCT 22

We have extended the Party Scene to run from 3:15-5:15.  The Polichinelles and Prince are canceled at 4:45.  Prince ONLY will rehearse from 5:45-6:30.


Rehearsals are well on their way – everyone seems to be having a good time learning new (and old) grand jetes and pirouettes sprinkled in with some ballroom dances and soldier marches! 
As the Nutcracker season swiftly approaches there are a few things you should be aware of:
            By November, there will be afternoon rehearsals with the company dancers
            (from 3:00 onwards.)  It may be necessary to make arrangements with your
            child/youth’s school in order to attend these rehearsals.  I will post the
            schedules as they become available.

            Gavin’s plan for the Thanksgiving weekend is to take Thursday through Saturday off. 
            Be prepared to rehearse on Sunday, November 27th.

            The week prior to opening night will be full of daytime tech and dress rehearsals
            for which your child/youth may need to be excused from school.  If needed, I can
            provide a letter for your school.  (We open Saturday, December 10th.)
            Final casting for the Nutcracker will be announced after the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact me at

Thursday, October 13, 2011

UPDATE for Prince and Marie Saturday 10-15-11

NO Prince and Marie for the Battle Scene.  You are still needed for the Party Scene rehearsal at 3:00 and the Prince and Marie rehearsal at 5:15.

Thank you!

NUTCRACKER Rehearsal Schedule 10-22-11

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NUTCRACKER No Absence Policy!

OBT's Nutcracker performances are a professional production, not a school recital.  The children performers are dancing to serve the needs of the professional dancers and management of Oregon Ballet Theatre. 

Absences from Nutcracker rehearsals will affect performance casting, and may possibly result in the child being replaced altogether.  If a student has other interests or commitments that they feel are more important to them, we need to know now so they can be replaced.

ANY and all conflicts with any of the upcoming Saturdays, Thanksgiving Sunday, any day within the two weeks prior to opening night (Nov. 28-Dec 10), or any of the days during the performance run, MUST be told to us NOW. If they're not, the likelihood is that the child will be replaced.

Monday, October 10, 2011

CARMEN Rehearsal CANCELED - Wed, Oct. 12th

The afternoon rehearsal and the "tentative" evening rehearsal have been canceled.  See you all on Thursday, Oct. 13 at 7:00pm.

UPDATED NUT Rehearsal for OCT 15

Studio space has become available, so we have added a Polichinelle rehearsal from 1-2pm in Studio 2.  We have also extended the Prince and Marie rehearsal until 6:15pm.  Here is the updated schedule:

Saturday, October 8, 2011

CARMEN Rehearsal CANCELED - October 8th at 2:00 pm

The Tentative Rehearsal scheduled for Saturday, October 8th at 2:00 has been canceled.

Carmen Dancers please attend all of your classes and NUT rehearsals as scheduled.  Level 4 students, you can now attend your pointe class, and everyone in the party and battle scene will be expected to be at rehearsal.  (You will still be excused from your 6:00 rehearsal, so you can get to the theater on time.)

See you soon,

UPDATED Carmen Production Breakdown

A few changes to the production breakdown:

After tonight's rehearsal we decided that only two chaperones are necessary for each performance.  I have put a red O in the square if you are NOT needed for that particular time slot.  Also, there is NO rehearsal tomorrow at 2:00, so I have deleted that column entirely.  Please contact me if you have any questions!

Friday, October 7, 2011

CARMEN Notes....

Fantastic work today - thank you everyone!

Yahoo!  We get to join the company for curtain call!  Our instruction will come at the half hour call, 7:00, which is our call time, SO please be ON TIME or, better yet, EARLY!  You have all been excused from your 6:00 rehearsal, so there is no reason to be late.  We will gather at the door and go as a group to the green room to wait for directions.

Girls DO NOT use spray or product in your hair - you can take out your bun on the drive to the theater.

For tomorrow only - In order to arrive on time (I know most of you are coming straight from rehearsal), you may put your make up (Foundation and Mascara) and body liner on at the theater.  There will be time during Petrouchka as long as we stay focused.  Be sure your make up, body liner, or dance belt are all in your dance bag when you leave home in the morning!

See you at the studio!


In the days to come there will be many new posts appearing on this site - sometimes several in one day.  Please be sure to read down the list until you come to one you have seen before!  Sometimes they are little notes, sometimes whole schedules.  It is important that you don't miss any important information or schedule changes - remember any posting is SUBJECT TO CHANGE that is the joy of live theater!



Thank you Trudy and Michael.  Trudy has been with me every step of the way and Michael joined us last night Your assistance was greatly appreciated.

A few notes as I learn my way around.  As you enter you should ask the doorman for a "chaperone" badge.  Please be sure and return it on your way out.  When you arrive proceed up to the 4th floor.  Once there we will discuss the evening's events and assignments.  I will have the breakdown for the run and the night posted on the mirrors in room 40.

Beginning at Friday night's dress rehearsal and for all shows, please wear black.  There will be a chaperone on stage left helping the kids on and off.  We need to be as invisible as possible!

Looking forward to a great show!


The OBT Children's Coordinator Blog is for ALL shows produced by the Oregon Ballet Theatre, i.e., Carmen and The Nutcracker.

The Annual School Performance (ASP) IS a school of oregon Ballet Production, so information will come from Ashby through the SOBT blog.

If you have a question about an OBT production you will need to contact me - Shari.  Either leave a message on my cell phone (number in your welcome packet) or by email:

Any ASP or SOBT question should be directed to Ashby.

Thank you.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

OCT. 8, NUT Rehearsal Clarification

On October 8th from 6:00-6:30 there will be two rehearsals:

          1)  Candy Cane Rehearsal (MINUS the Carmen Cast) AND
          2)  MARIEs ONLY in Studio 2

If you have any questions please call (the number is on your "welcome letter") or email -

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

UPDATED NUT Rehearsal for OCT 8 and 15

Minor changes for Nutcracker rehearsal for the next two weeks.  The changes include:

On Oct 8, all Carmen Dancers will be excused from their 6-6:30 rehearsal.  Everyone else will rehearse as scheduled.

On Oct 15 Prince and Marie rehearsal will be changed, it will now be held from 5:15-6:00.

Monday, October 3, 2011

CARMEN Production Breakdown

Here is the "FINAL" breakdown; she says with a wink!  Hopefully, any changes will be minor and I will post as soon as I have new information.
Chaperones, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the dancers arrival time.

NUTCRACKER Chinese Tea and Prince Rehearsals Added

We will add several weekday rehearsals:

Monday, 10/17:  4:00-5:00 Chinese Tea
Tuesday, 10/18: 5:45-6:30 (in pilates room)    Prince
Friday, 10/21: 4:00-5:00    Chinese Tea

And possibly the same the following week--- TBD.

Please note this in your calendar.
Thank you, Shari

Saturday, October 1, 2011

NUTCRACKER Rehearsal Saturday Oct. 8 AND 15

Please read the section marked,  "Children's Roles Include..."  AND THEN check the time to see if any role is excluded for that particular rehearsal.